Work for Walmart? You Have Our Condolences.

Work for Walmart? You Have Our Condolences.

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Don't Trade Time for Money

Hey guys, Peter Michael Gibbs here. You work for Walmart? You know anybody who works at Walmart? You know anybody who’s working for Walmart? Well, I’m saying the same thing several ways, but the only reason why I’m saying that is that you really have our condolences and they have our condolences as well. Why?

Not because there’s anything wrong with working at Walmart, but because if you’re working someplace and trading time for money and you don’t love it, then you’re working in the wrong place. You’re doing the wrong thing. You need to do what you love, what you would do for free, what you’re passionate about.

If you’re not doing what you’re passionate about you’re wasting your life. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working at Walmart, whether you’re working at whatever company. Walmart is really just a metaphor for working and trading time for money. We don’t want to do that.

Do what you love and get paid passive residual income

We want to be able to do what it is we love and get paid for it. Now, I’m not telling you to quit your job or wherever it is you work at, but what we’re telling you is that you have options. We’re living in one of the most robust economies ever.

You have an opportunity to take the tools that are available. To take the internet and be able to turn it into a source of income that you never thought was possible. You just need to know how to do it.

You need to know how can I take this idea, this multiple streams of income idea that I have, and if you have two incomes then you’ve got multiple streams of income, right? At least two. You can’t actually can’t depend on one. You can’t just depend on your job because your job is not going to employ you for the rest of your life.

But how can I take what I love? This idea that I have and turn it into a business and we’re going to show you how to do that. But before we do that, we’re going to take a field trip.

So come on, we’ve got someplace to go. I’ve got something to show you. Let’s go. And then we’ll go and come back here. We’re going to show you what we’re doing and if you like it, fine. If you don’t like it, that’s fine. You can do whatever it is you want to do. But we’re going to take a trip first. Let’s go.

Welcome to Walmart

Walmart Employee

Okay guys, here’s where we came on our field trip to Walmart. You know the title of this video is “Work at Walmart? You have our condolences.” Why did we name it that?

Not because Walmart is a bad place to work. Walmart is not a bad place to work. You can do quite well at Walmart. You can stay here for years and years and go all the way up the ladder all the way up to CEO of the company if that’s what you decide to do and depending on where you start.

But I don’t know anybody who was in high school, at least when I was in high school, I don’t know if Walmart was around, but I don’t know if anybody in high school now says “You know something when I graduate high school I want to go work at Walmart. Nobody says that. Why? Not because Walmart is a bad place to work.

Walmart is …

That’s a good thing about Walmart. Walmart will hire you. Walmart will hire just about anybody and they’ll give you an opportunity to do whatever it is you want to do and go as far up the ladder as you want. But understand this, my friend, you are collateral damage.

You are fired 500px

Walmart can get rid of you at any time and they don’t have to give you a reason or an excuse. They can fire you for any reason or for no reason. Many people that has happened to. For various reasons. It doesn’t even matter what it is.

But the question that you have to ask yourself is why am I not doing what I’m passionate about? You say you don’t know how to, you can’t. Well, that’s why you’re on this, watching this channel or you’re watching this video, you came to my channel. You want to know one option.

This might not be for you what we do. But you could you at least look at it as an option and don’t start saying I can’t or what you can and can’t do. If you’re a member of the “I Kan’t Klub”, then you’re working in the right place because they have you just where they want to have you.

They tell you what to do. They tell you when to do it. They tell you where to live. They tell you what to drive. They tell you what to wear. They tell you when to go on vacation and if that’s what you’re comfortable with, then that’s fine. I’m not comfortable with that.

I want to do what I want to do when I want to do it, and have the money to do it and be able to do what I need to do. Be able to help my family. Be able to do whatever it is I want to do whenever I want to do it.

So if you’re here or any company for more than a few years and you’re not doing what you’re passionate about and you say, well, I can’t do this, I can’t do that. Then you need to go to work and clock in because that’s probably all you’re good at doing and that’s, then you’re in the right place.

The Spitter

But that’s not what we’re doing here people. We’re showing people how to do their passion. How to, how to find something that they love, and find it and go do it. And you can think of the most insane thing and say, well, can I make money doing that?

Let’s say that you’re a Spitter. That’s right, a Spitter. You go “Uaagh! Puu!” And you spit. We’re going to see whether or not we have people online who are interested is spitting, and I’ll tell you this right now, I have not looked it up so far.

Even as of this point right now I’ve not looked that up. But what I’m trying to get across to you is that you have to do what you love and what you’re passionate about and we’re going to show you how to do that. If you do your passion people, you will never work a day in your life. Never! And that’s what I’m trying to get you to understand.

Be in a position where you don’t have to work. Where you always have access to money. Where you’re not begging something from somebody. You got to call your family, you got to do this or do that, right? Go to work. If you work for Walmart, do a good job. Work for God. You don’t work for Walmart. You don’t work for any company.

If you work for God, you’ll always do your best and you always do a good job and that’s the way I functioned at Walmart, right? I worked for God. I didn’t work for Walmart.

But we’re telling you that you’ve got to do other things as well so that you can put yourself in a position where you can leave and you’ve got money coming in. They could fire you, but you’ve got money coming in.

Always have money available


You could say, Hey, I learned something. I built something for myself and my family and I have money coming in. You always have to have access to money. Don’t let a boss limit you on what you can do or what you can earn. If you want a raise…

People complain about how much money they make. Then give yourself a raise. Don’t let somebody else tell you what you’re worth. You’re worth what you’re willing to work for. If you want to make residual income, you’re going to have to earn it. Nobody’s going to give it to you.

You want to make residual income from home. You’ve got to earn it. Nobody’s going to give it to you. Residual income, you do it once and you get paid over and over and over and over and over and over again. That’s the situation you want to be in. That’s a position you want to be, and that’s what we’re offering you here. And if you’ll say again if you say, I can’t, you’re a member of The “I Kan’t Klub” then, you’re not going to do well here because you got to do some work to get residual income. You got to put some effort in to get residual income. You’ve got to show what you’re worth and what you’re willing to do.

If you’re an 80 percenter. You don’t know what an 80 percenter is? You’ve got 80% and 20%. 80% of the people do nothing. And 20% of the people go out there and do something. If you’re an 80 percenter you aren’t gonna make it here or anywhere. You need to be at Walmart because Walmart’s going to pay you just enough so that you don’t quit. And you’re going to do just enough work so that they don’t fire you.

If that’s your attitude, then Walmart’s… well then you’re not going to be at Walmart long either because they don’t play that. I can tell you that. They… believe me, they watch you and they know who to get rid of and who not to get rid of. Right?

Well, understand this: There’s no job that exists that is permanent. Right? The only permanent thing is Jesus, but we’re not going to go there. Well, the only permanent thing at these jobs, if you make your own income, you make residual income, can’t anybody take that from you when you’re making residual income.

So we’re going to show you how to do that. We’re going to go back to the office. We go plug you in and show you how to do it. If you can’t do it, then it’s time for you to go to work and clock in because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing.

But we’re going to show somebody. We’re going to show some people. How to use passion. A skill. Something that they didn’t think anybody else was interested in.

With over 3.5 billion people online. You think that there’s not somebody interested in what you’re interested in and if you can’t make a living doing it, a nice living doing it, from home. Clocking residual income? Then you really don’t understand that you have in your hand, the most powerful tool that you could ever have, your phone.

You don’t need a computer. You don’t need to have the skills that I have. You don’t need it. You just need to have a passion for something and understand that that phone that you have in your hand is the most powerful tool that’s ever been created by mankind. For the average person to be able to make a living from their phone anywhere in the world.

Stop using your phone to text pictures and show pictures of your cat. The phone that you have in your hand is the most powerful tool that has been invented for the common man, ever created. And you’ve got it in your hand and you’re using it to take pictures of your cat and post them on Facebook. If, your passion is your cat then make a business out of that.

You have a source of income in your hand that you can turn into your passion and you can make all kinds of money online from the comfort of your own home, just doing what you love to do and you will never work a day in your life.

It doesn’t matter where you live, you can do what we’re doing. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is. You can do, what we’re doing. It doesn’t matter what. If you say, I want to do this, we’ll show you how to do it and it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. You’re going to be surprised at what it costs.

As a matter of fact, you can get it for free! Now free is going to be limited, but yes, you can still get it free. We’ll explain all that to you as we go back to the office. Don’t envy the boss, be the boss and we’ll show you how to do that. Come on, let’s go back to the office. We’ll show you what we doing. Let’s go.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Real

Okay, now that we’re back from our field trip let’s take a look at what we’re doing. This is Wealthy Affiliate. This is one of the multiple streams of income that I’ve decided to identify because I don’t want to just have one source of income. I want to have several sources of income and Wealthy Affiliate, I found totally by, I wouldn’t say it’s my accident, but I was looking for something and a person who’s already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, built his site and built a site that attracted me to that site and there was Wealthy Affiliate as something that I had been looking for for quite some time. 


I’ve always been interested in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is not network marketing. Affiliate marketing is completely different. I’ll show you this, exactly what it is. But what you’re looking at is you’re looking at the web page that went up for me instantly when I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and you can do the same thing too.

This is just one of the methods that we used to identify people who are interested in building a business from something that they love online and creating multiple streams of income. Now, you may not be familiar with this and you may think that you are a member of the “I Kan’t Klub”, as I mentioned when we were over at Walmart, but if you’re a member of that then this is not going to work for you. I can guarantee you that.

It’s not going to work for you because this requires some work. In order for you to get paid smart passive income, you’ve got to do something first. You’re not just…. Nobody’s going to give it to you. You’re not just going to walk in and somebody’s going to say, Hey, Hey, well I want to pay you forever for doing nothing. No, you got to do something and you got to do something of value that will get you paid on a consistent basis month, after month, after month.

So I am using one of the many methods that we have to identify people who we can help. Cause that’s what this is about, helping people to do something that they never thought that they could do. Help them to identify a way to turn their passion into profit. And that’s what we, that’s what they would see. They would see us. So they’d go down and they would read this and I’m showing you just one of the many avenues that we have in order to make income online.

Profitable Website Ideas

Planning Your Business

Now we have others. Right? Now, I’m going to show you this real quick. This is my Laid Off to Paid site. There’s nothing 
on this site. As I said, you’re going to watch me build this from the ground up over the next several months. You can watch me build this. Right? And this is actually my Wealthy Affiliate on my member page, but we’re not dealing with that right now. We’ll show you that in another video.

Right now we’re showing you what is one of the methods and one of the ways people would actually find me if they were looking to make money online and take their passion and turn it into a profitable business. And they would see this and they say, Hey, what is Wealthy Affiliate? What is this? I’ve never seen anything like this before. So they would go down and this is what you would see, how you can transform your ideas into something that’s profitable. How can I make money from my passion? Turn my passion into a profit?

There are literally startups for millions of lucrative niches all around this planet. There’s nothing that you could think of that somebody, somewhere is not interested in. And when I say somebody that they’re not groups of people that are interested in what you do and you can actually make a living from advertising it and drawing people to your passion and having them actually spend money for, you know, coming to your site. You know. ‘Cause the things that you offer, the things that you, you do the information that you actually give them, they would be able to see that and they’d be able to say well let’s spend some money.

Not everybody that comes is going to do that, but you will have some people who will do it. And then you can make, and when I say some people, I mean significant people because you’re building a business.

I Can’t Do That (Build a beautiful website)

Beautiful Websites

This is not something where you sit down. If you, you know, go to work and you come home and you, you know, you go, you 
sit down on the couch and you say, “Oh man, I hate my job and man, you know, I wish I could do something else.” Here’s something else for you to do. This is the something else, right?

This is the turning your passion into something profitable, by being able to come on to a site that gives you access to millions, literally, of ideas that you can actually put into place almost instantaneously. As a matter of fact, pretty much instantaneously. In a few seconds and you can start building your business from that point on.

Now what we do is we build websites and so… Now here we go. Here we go. There’s some of you thought, Aww man, I can’t do that. Okay, you can have a website up in less than 30 seconds. That’s how powerful Wealthy Affiliate is. And when I say a website, I mean a beautiful website that is ready to go and ready for you to put content there. And we’re going to show you here.

I would be your mentor. I have a mentor. He’s not my sponsor. This is not network marketing. I don’t have a sponsor. He’s my mentor. His name is Jay Gumbs. Y’all, I’ll show you Jay Gumbs, in a later video. Jay, I happened to run into a website that he was working online and he actually had a website up and he had put something, I had put something in that was a keyword. You probably don’t know what a keyword is that he had on his site. And I went to a site and it wasn’t, there wasn’t anything that was spectacular, but it had the information that I was looking for. That’s all I needed. And I said, man, I’m interested in this. And I became a member of Wealthy Affiliate instantaneously.

So we would put up a website for you or you would do it. We’d show you how to do it within 30 seconds or less. That’s the that’s the time. Right? And here’s what you need to understand about affiliate marketing. This is not something that just came up yesterday or the day you say, I’m not interested in affiliate marketing. You don’t have to be interested in it, but what you have to be interested in is how do I turn my passion into a profit? If I can do that, then I’m definitely interested. So you have over 4 billion people online who are looking for whatever it is you do. Do you realize that? Four billion people are online. Potential customers for what it is you do?

I Don’t Want to Talk to You

You don’t ever have to talk to them. You don’t have to ship anything. You don’t have to. That’s not what we’re talking about. We’re not even going there. What we’re talking about is putting content online that you can write and don’t say you can’t write, cause Grammarly’s out there.

If you can write a sentence or you can text. Are you texting on your phone now? If you’re texting on your phone, then you can write something and we’ll help you to do that, ’cause we have tools to help you to write engaging content. All you gotta do is follow the training. And the training is part of what is we do here at Wealthy Affiliate.

Follow the training and you’ll be able to write content, just the same way you write a text and send it off to somebody if you want to tell them something that will generate, people, coming to your site and you’ll be able to start to make money and build a business.

It Doesn’t Matter Where You Live


Now, it doesn’t matter where you live. It doesn’t matter what part of the world you live in. You can live in Madagascar. You can live on a remote Island. You have internet access? You have a phone? That’s all you need. You don’t need a computer, you don’t need, you don’t need to have any writing skills. You don’t have to have any of that. We’ll get into that, but you, that’s all you need in order to be able to build a business, that is lucrative, online.

Now your revenue sources are literally unlimited. There are over… Now when we say products, we’re not talking about you going and knocking on somebodies’ door sell anything. If you’re interested in something, whatever your interest is, generates income because there are people interested in it and it generates products and generating those products, people want to buy those products.

Why? Because you recommended them. You love what it is you’re doing and you say, Hey, I like such-and-such and such a thing and I’ve looked at it this way, this way. And we show you how to do all of that, right? And these are just a very, very small example.


Amazon, Etsy, eBay, Shopify, YouTube, Wealthy Affiliate. These are all avenues that you can actually use to generate money, generate income. Turn your passion into a profit. And Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to be able to do that.

I have not seen anything like Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve been doing online stuff for a long time. I build websites. I have a YouTube channel, several YouTube channels. This is not the only YouTube channel that I have. I’ve got a couple of them, right? And all with the intention of being able to generate an income and do it full time.

Review of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate. You may never have even heard of Wealthy Affiliate before. But a lot of people have heard of it. They’ve been in business 14 years. They’re in 193 countries. Is there a country there that you’re in that’s not represented by Wealthy Affiliate? If it is, it’s gotta be on some remote island someplace where nobody is. But it doesn’t matter where you are in the world.

You never have to personally interact with anybody who you are doing business with online. And when I say do business with, you’re putting up content that they’re interested in. This is the information age. People are looking to…. I’m interested in this. I’m interested in that. I wonder if somebody reviewed that. So they put it in the search engine and they come to your site, right? It’s as simple as that, but it requires work.


We’ve got over 1.4 million members. Plus there are over 10,000 new businesses that are built monthly. And the support here is absolutely off the chain. I’m going to talk about that in a second. Absolutely off the chain. And thousands of people are helped every day. You are no different.

You don’t know how to build a business. You don’t know anything about that. I used to work on Wall Street, I used to work at banks and I used to work at law firms and I saw a lot of deals go down. A lot of different businesses. You don’t know anything about that.

You know you’re a small guy and you, you want to know, learn how to do something. And me personally, I’m not a guru at affiliate marketing. You’re going to see me build my site that I’ve had for two years. I’ve had it for two years, but I didn’t do anything with it because I was doing other things. I was working on other sources of income.

I was actually studying to be a Google IT Specialist, which I am. I’m certified as that. I’m a Recording Engineer. A Certified Recording engineer. I’m a videographer. All of those skills, I don’t necessarily need to do this and you don’t need them either. You just need to say, Hey, I’m interested in doing this. We’ll train you on how to do every single thing.

There’s so much training it’s actually off the chain, how much training is here. And this is real people are doing Wealthy Affiliate and they are actually generating income from it. But before I finish off, let me just say this. Wealthy Affiliate really has the features that you really need to succeed.

Wealthy Affiliate Training Program

You can master affiliate marketing because the training here is really, really impressive. For what it costs, it is absolutely impressive. As a matter of fact, you can actually become a member of Wealthy Affiliate for free. Now if you can’t afford free, you really got a problem. Now you have limited access to all the tools for free, but it doesn’t cost you as much as you think it does. And if you can’t invest in yourself and you really can’t invest in anything, because if you make an investment in yourself, it will pay dividends over and over again. But the education that they have. Let me click on here where the person would click to if they went here and you could see that the training here that we have is really beyond belief. 52 live classes a year.


Those live classes are stored. They’re actually online so that you can look at them after the class goes up. But the training is absolutely off the chain.

As I said to you, I trained as a Google IT Specialists, while I was at Walmart. I told you that. It took a year to do that. So I’m a certified Google IT Specialist and here the training is pretty much on the level of that because this is a task-oriented training program and there’s so many things to go over, a lot of times people are overwhelmed.

But if you just stick to the training, that’s all you have to do. That’s what Jay kept telling me. He’d say “Peter, just stick to the training. Just do what the training does.” Now, Jay lives in the Caribbean somewhere. I’ve never personally talked to Jay. I’ve never met Jay, but Jay helps me all the time. He kept telling me, Peter, just do the training. Just do the training. Just go through the training. But I was doing other things. He thought I just didn’t want to do it, but it wasn’t that I was just doing other things that didn’t allow me the time to do it.

But now I’ve taken the time to actually go through the training and you’re going to see me build it step by step. So this is just a whole nother level of being able to build a business for very little or no money and be able to do what I love to do. Let’s go to the next thing so you can see exactly what we’re talking about here.

Wealthy Affiliate Support


The support. Now the support here is really, really, really, pretty amazing. Alright. 24/7 support. They have a chat group. That’s always up. A chat forum is always up. People answer you just about immediately. As a matter of fact, in the, if I have a problem with my site or problem with anything, I can get support and support answers me literally in less than five minutes.

Every single time that I needed a question answered. I’m talking about technical support, in less than five minutes. Even the support from the forum and other people who are in the community, they answer you right away. And this is what a person would actually see on your site as well. It’s a worldwide community.

So there’s no place that you live on the planet that you can’t do this as a business unless you can’t afford it. But you can afford free because you can do it for free. You can go… No credit card is going to be… I’m not asking you for your credit card. I’m not asking you for… Nothing, right? So if you think that I’m gonna ask you for any money, if you want to be a premium member, then it’s going to cost you something. And any business that you do is going to cost you something.

If you think you’re going to get and build a business for free, then you, you are kidding yourself, you live on a planet that I don’t know where that planet is but doesn’t exist. But here you have a community of people that will help you in 193, 195 countries around the world to help you to accomplish what you want to accomplish. Let’s go on and see what other people will continue to see here.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool


Jaaxy is our keyword, key tool for keywords. Keywords are what actually help you to promote your site and you have to have a robust and powerful tool to do that and Jaaxy is here for you to be able to use and you can use it 24 hours a day, seven days a week and it gives you the information, the keywords that you need.

Over 500 million keywords found already. In any niche. Anything that you can think of, it’s there and you can actually do it. Now, let me do something here and give you an idea of what I’m talking about. I told you at the…

When we were over at Walmart, I told you that I was going to look up spitting. Here we go. Now I have not done this before. Right? Here are spitting competitions, right? Now, you say, who would actually do something as gross as that. Now you think that there’s nobody interested in that. Yes, there are people that are interested in that. And if that’s your passion and you want to make money from that, you can think of a number of ways how you can actually do it. And people will actually come to your website and you can do it in any variety of ways you want. And we help you find a different way that you can do that. So let’s go back here and let’s go back to look at what the features are here.

Progress 12.16.19

Build an Amazing Website in Seconds

Business Pug

Websites ahhh Peter, I can’t build a website. Right? You can have a website up, on the most powerful platform, within seconds. 30 seconds. With Site.Rubix and free SSL. What’s SSL? SSL is just a security system that is in place. I was at another company and I had to pay for it. As a matter of fact, all this stuff that I used to have to pay for comes with a Wealthy Affiliate membership. A premium membership. All right? So you don’t have to say: “Well, I’ve got to pay for this. I got to pay for that.”

You’re going to have to buy some domain names besides paying your monthly or you can pay yearly. We’ll get to that in a second. You can do whatever one you wish, but you’re invested in your business. And again, it’s not a lot of money. If it was a lot of money, a lot of people wouldn’t be able to do it.

So you can actually build a website and put it up. The average age of people who are able to do that is from 8 to 97. So if you’re listening to this and you fit between 8 years old and 97 years old, then you can put up a website. Right? In 34 seconds and they’re beautiful websites.

These are not cheap, chintzy websites. They’re WordPress, right, and they’re WordPress sites that you can have up in seconds and you can start building your business. Follow the training. That’s all you have to do and you are on your way to building something.

Free WordPress Hosting with Custom Domain


If you have a website, it’s got to be hosted someplace. I’ve been with several hosting companies. I can tell you this is by far. By far, far, far, the best hosting company that I have ever been with and it’s an integral part of your business.

Many of you may not even know what hosting is. When you have a website, you have to host it someplace so that people can get to it and you’ve got to be able to have a website and a hosting company that is strong and that is not going to have any downtime.

You get 25 domain names that you own and 25 free websites. That’s 50 websites. Let me tell you something people, I actually have a web development business. I build websites and I actually have all my clients transferred over to Wealthy Affiliate. So I charge them a monthly hosting fee and I also charge between $800 and $2.500 to build a website depending on what it is you’re doing or more depending on what’s going on. Right, and I host them on Wealthy Affiliate and they pay me a fee.

They pay me to build a site and pay me a fee. That’s a wholly different business. Now I was doing that with another company, with several other companies and they charged me a lot more money and I didn’t have near the tools that I have to make my clients websites the best websites that they could have. As a matter of fact, many of them don’t even know the tools that I use. But I charge them anyway. So it doesn’t make a difference.

They know that they’re getting a product and a good service and they have so many things here that help us to be successful. To help my web development business to be successful. That’s totally apart from Wealthy Affiliate. But when I say totally apart, that’s just another way that I’m using Wealthy Affiliate to actually identify another source of income. Right?

The Wealthy Affiliate stuff that we do here is totally different in terms of the different niches that I can actually go into. Do you understand what I’m saying? So we are able to use this, for me particularly, I’m able to use Wealthy Affiliate in another way by actually having my clients come over here and their sites are hosted here. So the hosting is very, very, very impressive, right?


Online Networking Groups

And then you have networking. Man, you can network with people all over the world. You already saw this graphic before, but people all over the world. Now, this is what a person would see when they actually come to this site. This is my personal site. I had it instantaneously when I became a part of Wealthy Affiliate and they also have zero risks.

How Much Does Wealthy Affiliate Cost

What does it cost to actually be a member of Wealthy Affiliate? Well, I’ll put it up on the screen. It cost zero. Zero. You can become a Wealthy Affiliate member for zero or you can have a premium membership and a premium membership is $49 for the month.

Now I want you guys to put this in perspective. Now I have several clients and I pay $49 a month for hosting. They don’t know anything about the tools that I have because they’re not interested in that. They don’t have any concept of what is I do with their website. So I pay $49 a month and they pay me anywhere from $75 to $150 or more than that, a month, to host their site. And I have several clients. So what does that mean? It means another source of income. That’s for me.

Now you’re not going to build websites. You don’t have to. That’s not what I’m telling you to do. What I’m telling you, you can build your own website. Turn it into a very profitable business. Something that you love. And if you happen to get fired from your job, you have another source of income that you’re building for yourself and your family. And that’s what we’re talking about.

So you don’t have to say: “Well how am I gonna make multiple streams of income? Well, what am I, what am I going to do? I mean I don’t, I don’t know how to do this? We’re going to show you exactly what you need to do, right? So for either your free membership, you can sign up right here at the bottom. You can’t do it here because you’re looking at a video.

But if you’re actually on the website, you can enter your email address. Right there. And I don’t have to talk to you. I won’t talk to you unless you actually become a member. But the system is set up to send you information that you need, or to take you right over to Wealthy Affiliate so you can sign up for a free membership or you can sign up for a paid membership or premium membership and have access to all the tools.

How to Profit from Your Passion

Now in the proceeding videos that I’m going to put out, I’m going to show you exactly how I’m building my business from what I love to do. I actually like offering Wealthy Affiliate to people. And I’m also going to show you the process of how I build it. And you’ll see the success or the failure.

It can’t be a failure because again, we’re building multiple streams of income and using the ideas that we have here in order to do that, and we’re going to create an income here and you’re going to see it live, right? Well not live, we’re going to actually put it up. So you’re going to see it. So go on over to Wealthy Affiliate. Put in your email address. Go and take a look. Get a free membership or get a premium membership for $49 a month.

I Can’t Afford It

If you can’t afford $49 a month, then you really need to do something. You know, that’s, that’s pretty serious because you know, $49 a month is not a lot. I’ve been with programs that cost me thousands of dollars and didn’t pay off anywhere near this one will. And I know this one will because I’ve been here for a while. I see what other people are doing and how they’re actually generating some serious income. It takes a while to build, right? But you do the training and follow everything that’s supposed to be, that you’re supposed to do and you will see that you’ll start making money right away and start building something that will last you quite a long time because your website will be up and will be running. All right. So, uh, thanks for joining us. We’ll see you in a little while and lookout for the next video.

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Subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, subscribe. Right. We need those subscribers because that’s how we generate income as well. If you didn’t know that, then you know it now, right? The more subscriptions you have, you get paid for that too. And if you want to learn how to do what I’m doing here and use a video and write, and write the text. We use both. That’s what we use here because I just have to, you don’t have to do that and you can still do quite well. So we’ll see in the next video. Thanks for joining us. This is Laid-off to Paid.

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